• Janome, The Nimble Thimble, and Mile Square Fabric Studio

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, which is unfortunate because so much has been going on! First, my awesome husband, Ray, bought me a mega-sewing machine, the new Janome Horizon 7700! It's an amazingly powerful machine and the first thing I did with it was sew right through my index finger. OUCH! It's a surreal experience and I noticed that shock stops your brain from working very well. But I escaped the jaws of my new machine and am all healed up. My machine, which I aptly named, Matilda (meaning, "mighty in battle") and I have come to an understanding. I don't take her for granted and she doesn't bite me. :)

    I bought Matilda at a wonderful fabric store in Port Chester, NY, called, "The Nimble Thimble." I don't remember being in a store where everyone was so kind, thoughtful, friendly, and helpful. That's probably why I decided on making my purchase there. If you get the chance, please stop by and see what I mean. They have delicious fabrics and a gorgeous knitting store (yikes, need more money!) in the back of the building.

    Finally, I will be selling my quilt panels on the online fabric store website: Mile Square Fabric Studio at www.milesquarefabricstudio.com/. Have you been to this website? Be sure to check out their batik fabrics, which are really reasonably priced! Yahoo! I'm meeting with owner, Peggy McGeary, next week and should have some items up by the end of September. I'll let you know.

    That's it for now. Have a great day and be creative!

  • 8/6/2012 Rocky Mountains

    Today is the first day that I'm waking up in the Rocky Mountains and I find myself falling in love with the natural beauty here. We arrived yesterday afternoon and I designed a quilt based on the view outside of our room. I think there's going to be a lot of mountain art generated from this visit to Colorado!